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Legal Document Drafting Services

ALD LAW removes the burden associated with legal drafting by providing  a cost effective and efficient option for Attorneys at Law to outsource the drafting of legal documents.  By engaging  our services  you are able to  reduce  your workload, increase productivity and  optimize your time which can be allocated to other legal matters.

The services offered by ALD LAW are provided by Attorneys at Law with extensive civil litigation experience,  who are skilled at handling any type of  legal drafting, analysis and  documentation. Our legal document drafting services include, but are not limited to:

Pre-action Protocol Correspondence

Court Proceedings - Legal Document Preparation and Management

Our services entail document preparation for the entire court process including, but not limited to:

Estate Planning & Administration

Other Documents

this service includes the preparation of the following documents:


About ALD Law

ALD LAW is a legal practice which was created with the aim to provide legal services catering to the needs of Attorneys at Law, businesses and lay persons. 

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